Building a solid Mthwakazi nation, where our people enjoy all their rights, where there exists  democracy, where there is justice for all that penetrates classism, where there is equal.. READ MORE

Our mission is underpinned on the broad principle of a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of indigenous Mthwakazi citizens who can elect people to represent.. READ MORE

Unity of purpose is our inspiration

We are the generation of freedom and development


Since the formation of Mthwakazi Democratic
Alliance, we have noticed the zeal, growth and determination from our members
and Mthwakazi as a society to fight for their freedom. In doing so we realise
that, there are no short cuts. In spite of historical experiences of empty
political promises, deception, killings, suppressions and gross violations of
the rights of the people of Mthwakazi by the ZANU PF regime I have seen a
society that does not give up to the who they are. We have stood firm in our
belief of Mthwakazi Nationalism because we did not choose to be the who we are,
but God saw it fit for us to be identified as the people of Mthwakazi.

As Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance we believe
in our people and their aspirations. We believe in being the servants of our
people. We believe in standing for what is right no matter the costs which may
be associated with that particular decision. Our summed up mandate is Mthwakazi
Restoration, Development and Freedom in our life time. As we prepare for the
2023 harmonised elections organised by the rogue regime of ZANU PF it must be
noted that, our dream of a free Mthwakazi is not underpinned on this fraudulent
process. It is public knowledge that Zimbabwe elections have never been free



Mthwakazi nation, also known as Matebeleland, is a nation that was solidly created by
King Mzilikazi kaMatshobane kaMangete kaNgululu kaLanga kaZimangele. The
Mthwakazi nation consists of various tribal groups that lived and established themselves
as Mthwakazian people. These tribes include; the San, Swazi, Ndebele, Khalanga, Sotho,
Venda, Xhosa, Zulu, White people, Nambya, Tonga, Tshangani, Coloured’s, Indians and
many more Nguni tribes.
Mzilikazi and his successor, king Lobengula, signed a lot of diplomatic treaties with the members of the international community out of good faith even though these wereweapons used by the enemies of Mthwakazi to weaken her freedom. These two iconswho are the inspiration behind the desire of our freedom worked diligently to protect andpreserve the freedom of Mthwakazi people. READ FULL DOCUMENT


Interviews of various leaders and members of the Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance Party. Connect with views, thoughts and aspirations of the whole MDA network.